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Here from some of the 27,900+ people who've grown through the Futures Centre.

“The Futures Centre Enrichment Program has been such a wondrous discovery for us and our child. It has been a place where our gifted child has been understood by her teachers and accepted by her peers. Both of which, sadly, have been lacking in her primary school. The program creators & teachers understand gifted children, and our daughter has the opportunity to be around like-minded peer. The program runs really well, and the grounds & facilities are fabulous.”

-Parent of gifted student

“My 9 year old was quick to make a special friend here and looks forward to attending every Saturday. She takes ideas from class to pursue her own learning at home and loves sharing her ideas and creations with her family. (My husband and I also love having some regular time to spend together!)”

-Erin, parent of gifted child in Saturday Enrichment classes

“My son has just been accepted into our preferred school. Your educational psychologist, who administered the WISC-V test, has been so encouraging and has a wealth of knowledge. I am sure the acceptance was in large part due to her wonderfully thorough report written on my son.”

-Lydia, parent using the Psychometric Testing services

“My daughter started in the Enrichment Program in 2022. She thought highly of both the educators and the program, and she had a lot of fun as well! I am very grateful to the Futures Centre for providing this great program for gifted kids and I am impressed by all that you have done for the kids: from classes to newsletters, from communications about COVID safety procedures. My daughter even asked me if we could move house so she could come to your school every day.”

-Wing, parent of child in Saturday's Enrichment Program

“Just a quick note to say that our tutor, Jessica was a “huge hit” with my daughter. Great job on finding her.”

-Alison, parent of tutored student

“My son is enjoying the learning and seems energised after class and says that it was fun. It seems that he is realising what he is capable of and is wanting to apply that at home. As a parent, I love seeing him excited about what he is learning and wanting to share.”

-Maria, parent of student in the After School Program

“Our daughter has had a wonderful time in the enrichment classes. She was buzzing about the class and enjoyed recounting what she had learnt about Bill Gates and Steve Jobs…. and especially the skittles experiment! We have enrolled her for another term. She loves the program and we can see it having such a positive impact on her. Luke”

-Luke, parent of Enrichment Program student

“My son attended the PLC Sydney Futures Centre for a WISC-V assessment, and I just wanted to say a big thank you for all the advice and suggestions. We have seen the biggest change after switching schools on the advice received. My son moved to a much smaller school, and he is much, much happier. There's been a noticeable change in his everyday demeanour for the better. Thanks again for the detailed report and the advice you provided us in the follow-up Zoom call. It's made a noticeable difference for my son, my wife, and myself. We really appreciate you going above and beyond just doing the WISC-V test and writing the report.”

-Parent using the Psychometric Testing Services

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