Maximise your child's learning potential.

A good tutor has the ability to communicate in a way that makes the learner feel motivated, enthusiastic and confident in their learning.

Tutoring is available for students of all abilities in Kindergarten to Year 12 students from any school.

The learning program is structured around individual needs and goals.

All tutors are interviewed and selected carefully based on not only their academic qualifications but also their personal attributes.

Semester 2 is made up of Terms 3 and 4.

  • Term 3 Tutoring Program commences on Monday 29 July and finishes on Saturday 21 September 2024 (eight weeks)
  • Term 4 Tutoring Program commences on  Tuesday 15 October and finishes on Monday 25 November 2024 (six weeks)

How can we help?

Struggling at school?

Is your child falling behind in specific areas? Do they have gaps in their knowledge? Work through your child’s challenges with the right support.

Need motivation?

Support to keep your child on track and re-engage their mind.

Extension & Enrichment

Perhaps the classroom isn’t meeting all of your child’s learning needs. Challenge your child to reach their full potential.

Tackle specific needs

Does your child need to prepare for a specific assessment, Scholarship or entry test into a Private School or University? Tutoring can address individual learning outcomes.

We’ve got all your child’s learning needs covered.

The Centre caters for children of all abilities, at all stages of their learning, from Kindergarten to Year 12, from any school or background, across a variety of subjects or areas of interest.

Unlock your child's full potential...

PLC Sydney Futures Centre offers a variety of different tutoring packages to suit your child's needs.

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Tutoring Sessions

  • Face-to-face and online
  • Professional tutors matched to your child's needs
  • Demonstration, guided exercises and reviews
  • Regular reporting helps keep track of your child's progress
  • Designed to be fun and engaging


Our tutoring team members are handpicked via an intensive interview process to ensure their suitability. All tutors are highly qualified ie qualified teachers, university graduates or students with relevant degrees or undertaking study in related disciplines.  

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No matter what the school subject, we can help with tutoring programs for school subjects in every grade. The learning program is structured around your individual needs and goals.

Subjects We Tutor


Tutoring is available after school and on Saturday. Please get in touch to discuss a personalised tutoring program tailored to your child’s needs. Call us on (+612) 9704 5634 / 5713 or emailing:

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Subjects We Tutor


Our primary school tutors specialise in all subjects, levels and cater for all abilities and know exactly how to help your child in Years 2 to 6 with their studies.


The major focus for many students is on essay writing skills, whilst others require instruction on correct grammar, spelling and punctuation. Any other areas of concern for your child, such as comprehension and reading are also focused on. We also tutor in Advanced and Extension English - including IB and ESL.


Our Mathematics tutors work with each student at their own pace, so they can grow in confidence to be challenged in the subject and understand not only the processes but more importantly, the concepts and strategies required to maximise marks. We tutor in all levels of Mathematics from Primary numeracy to HSC Standard Maths, Advanced Maths, Extension 1 & Extension 2 Maths through NESA as well as the International Baccalaureate Syllabus (IB).


Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Geography. Our Science tutors are specialists and qualified in their specific fields and can give your child the tools and skills to improve and achieve their best in any of the Science subjects. For Stage 5 & 6 students (Years 9 - 12) we can offer specialised tutoring in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.


Our tutors have the experience and academic qualifications to assist students to master the knowledge content and examination techniques needed to master the NESA Economics curriculum.

Business and Legal Studies / Social Sciences

Our tutors have the experience and specialist academic qualifications to assist students to master the knowledge content and examination techniques needed to master the NESA curricula in Business Studies, Economics, Legal Studies and Geography.

History (Ancient and Modern)

Our tutors have the experience and academic qualifications to assist students to master the knowledge content and examination techniques needed to master the NESA Modern History, Ancient History and History Extension curricula.


Students can master their skills in languages, other than English with tutors who have extensive experience in speaking and teaching a range of languages, including Greek, Italian, Japanese, French, Latin and Mandarin. Other language lesson could be organised on request.

Preparation for Selective School/Scholarship tests

Specialised tutoring to prepare your child for entry tests into a Selective High School, opportunity class or Scholarships for Private Schools. Test and scholarship applicants are required to demonstrate a range of skills such as the ability to interpret, infer, deduce and think critically. As these tests are not curriculum based, our learning process encourages creativity, open discussion and lateral thinking. Our goal is to prepare your child to be ‘results-oriented’ with an exam-focused mindset.

Why PLC Sydney Tutoring?

  • Your child is taught by a highly qualified tutors with extensive experience
  • Individualised support in a small group class or private one-on-one sessions
  • We won't overwhelm your child with homework
  • Weekly tutor feedback and personalised reports tell you exactly how your child is tracking

Unlock your child's full potential and achieve your goals for them with our individualised and tailored programs.

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Are you a great tutor looking for additional work?

Are you a great tutor? Do you have a passion for learning? Are you reliable and organised? Are you looking for more work? We can help!

Tutor Requirements:

  • Qualified Teacher
  • Trainee Teacher
  • University Graduate
  • University Student

Due to the constant high demand for tutors, PLC Sydney Futures Extension Centre is always looking for quality and reliable tutors to work with our students across a variety of subject areas.