Senior English Standard & Advanced Workshops for Years 11-12

All Day Workshop: Literary Techniques Masterclass and Unseen Texts and Analysis for Years 11-12

This workshop is suitable for students in both Standard and Advanced English.

Literary Technique Master Class for Years 11-12

This workshop will cover how techniques create themes and meanings in texts and how to use techniques in literary analysis and in your own writing. Each category of literary techniques (figurative, rhetorical, persuasive and narratological) will be covered, with detailed definitions of specific techniques with textual examples and corresponding writing exercises. 

  • What are Literary Techniques and Devices?
  • Themes, Ideas, Values and Philosophies 
  • Types of Techniques: Figurative and Rhetorical
  • Types of Techniques: Persuasive and Narratological 

Unseen Texts and Analysis for Years 11-12 

This workshop will provide explicit instruction on how to unpack and analyse unseen texts. This will be explained through examining how to read with purpose, exam strategies, how to get started, how to identify prominent literary techniques, audience and purpose of an unseen text, and how to turn this analysis into an answer for questions in examinations. 

  • Reading with Purpose, Types of Texts and Questions
  • Unpacking the Text: Interpretation, Getting Started and Trusting Your Gut
  • Identifying Prominent Techniques, Evidence, Message and Purpose
  • Putting It Back Together: Analysis and PETAL paragraphs 

Venue: PLC Sydney Freda Whitlam Building, Level 1, W.G.08

Teacher: Michelle Kasparian

Day: Tuesday 16 July 2024

Workshop Duration: 10.00 am - 3.00 pm (1 hour lunch break)

Cost: $140.00 for the workshop

Enrolment Deadline: Monday 8 July 2024

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