Term 1 Drama: Movement and Music: K-Yr 2. Characters and Accents! Years 3-6.

In Term 1, our younger students (Kindy to Year 2) will explore the role that music plays in storytelling and theatre. Can we change the meaning of a performance by changing the music that goes with it? Using a combination of recorded tracks, body percussion and our own singing voices, this term will be a musical adventure into the world of theatrical discovery.

Our Years 3 to 6 students will learn how to manipulate their voices in order to speak like an American or English person. This new skill set will enable the students to embrace new character traits and explore texts written by American and English playwrights.

The students will cover the basics of vowel sounds for the American and English accents as well as intonation, expression and resonance that differ between accents.

Their preparation will culminate in a performance of American and English scenes chosen by the students. The children will be given the choice to perform in either the American or English accent at the end of the term.

Venue: PLC Sydney Studio Theatre

Teacher: Cerise Kofoed and Lachlan Ryan (Thursdays only)

Days: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays

Duration: 8 weeks from wk/c Monday 06 February to Thursday 30 March 2023


  • K to Year 2 students: Monday or Thursdays, and
  • Years 3 to 6 students: Tuesday or Wednesdays


  • 3.15 pm - 4.30 pm (1.25 hours) for K to Yr 2
  • 3.15 pm - 4.45 pm (1.5 hours) for Yrs 3 to 6


  • K to Yr 2 students will be collected from Evandale at 3.10 pm for a 3.15 pm start
  • Yrs 3 to 6 students will be collected from the steps of Shubra Hall at 3.10 pm for a 3.15 pm start

Cost: $400.00

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