At the Futures Centre we have a dedicated and passionate team of both teaching professionals and administrative support staff led by our Centre Manager, Andreea Leibov.

Our team members are handpicked via an intensive interview process to ensure their suitability. They are assessed on their academic background, skill level and experience, personality, manner, motivation and reliability. All tutors are highly qualified ie qualified teachers, university graduates or students with relevant degrees or undertaking study in related disciplines.  

Andreea Leibov

Futures Centre Manager

Andreea has been with the Futures Centre at PLC Sydney since 2020. She has two master's degrees - a Masters of Business Administration and a Masters of Global Project Management. Andreea, who looks after the Saturday Enrichment Programs for Gifted Children, is passionate about quality teaching and fostering a learning environment that caters for the students' individual needs.

Rowena Barnett

Director of PLC Sydney Student Futures

Rowena is an experienced and committed educator. Trained as a Science/Biology teacher initially, she has worked as an educator and student coach in Australia and in South Africa. She has been a Senior HSC marker for many years and has served on the HSC Biology Examination committee. In recent years Rowena spent 3 years working in Hanoi, Vietnam leading the Cambridge International program at the Vietnam Australia School.

More recently, Rowena has taken on the role of Director of PLC Sydney Student Futures, which involves coaching students as they build skills and explore their career choices. At the Futures Centre, Rowena guides the direction of the academic programs and the development of tutors. She has completed a Certificate in Gifted Education and is committed to helping each student (and tutor) to achieve their goals and develop skills for their futures.

Taylor Chan

Mathematics Tutor

Taylor is a Mechatronics and Biomedical engineering student at UNSW, Sydney. She graduated from PLC Sydney in 2019, achieving the highest bands in Advanced Mathematics, Mathematics Extension 1, Physics, Chemistry and English Advanced. As a Mathematics tutor with PLC Sydney Futures, she invests in the growth and confidence of her students, both as mathematicians and as young people.

Hannah Dunwell

English Tutor

Hannah completed her Masters in Creative Writing at the University of Sydney, and she is tutoring in her field as she continues on to her Ph. D. For high school-aged students, her expertise lies in English, in particular Shakespeare, on whom she wrote her Honours thesis, and received a first-class degree, as well as Creative Writing.

Mckenzie Graham

Mathematics Tutor

Mckenzie is currently in her last year of studying a Bachelor of Business -Double Major in Economics and Law of Business. Since graduating high school and whilst studying at university, Mckenzie has been working as a tutor. She researched the NSW curriculum for the HSC course for Mathematics Standard, Advanced and Extension 1, and English Standard and Advanced to generate study programs personalised for individual students.

Jessica Jeong

Primary Tutor

Jessica is currently studying Speech Pathology at the University of Sydney. As a graduate from PLC Sydney in 2017, she achieved the 5th State Rank for HSC Extension Chinese. Jessica is passionate about teaching and helping children enhance their learning ability and achieve their highest potential.

Michelle Kasparian

English Tutor

Michelle is an English and creative writing teacher, published poet, and chief editor at Kara Sevda Press. She has an honours degree in Creative Writing with a minor in Japanese and a Diploma of Education (secondary) from the University of Wollongong. She is currently undertaking her Masters of Education in Reading and Literacy at Torrens University, where she is specialising in adolescent literacy development. Michelle’s aim when teaching English and creative writing is to empower young people to express themselves artistically and to use literature as a way to connect with their world and the bigger questions in life.

Sue Kerrison

Primary Tutor

Sue is an experienced and passionate Primary Teacher who is semi-retired. She has been teaching for more than 35 years across all areas of Primary Education. She has taught boys and girls from Preschool to Year 6 in both Independent and Government schools throughout Sydney. Sue is also passionate about music, and the Arts and has an excellent knowledge of many sports and sporting fields.

Jeanine Kobylinski

Primary Tutor

Jeanine has over 14 years of experience as a dedicated Early Years and Primary School Educator. She has worked in a variety of independent schools across Sydney. Jeanine also has a passion for STEM subjects and ensuring that every learner reaches their potential.

Cerise Kofoed

Drama Teacher

Cerise Kofoed is a Co-curricular Drama teacher for the College. From a young age, Cerise received weekly lessons in Speech & Drama and completed her Certificate In Drama & Performance (CDPA) and a Certificate In Voice & Communication (CVCA), both with high distinctions. She graduated in 2016 with a Bachelor of Music majoring in music theatre from the Australian Institute of Music. During her studies, she developed her craft in the core disciplines of singing, dancing and acting.

Connor Landas

Mathematics and Chemistry Tutor

Connor Landas is currently in his third year of a Bachelor of Education and a Bachelor of Science – Majoring in Chemistry and Mathematics. Connor has been working as a tutor for the past two years.

Stephen Lerantges

Mathematics Tutor

Stephen has been tutoring in Mathematics for the past 3 years. He has 2 years of independent examination writing for HSC Mathematics and was awarded the J. Beckhaus Award for Mathematics in 2019. Currently Stephen is studying Advanced Mathematics and Computer Science at UNSW.

Steven Marvell

Primary Tutor

Steven has a Diploma of Teaching (GCAE), Bachelor of Education (Syd), Graduate Diploma of Educational Studies (UWS) and a Masters of Education (Syd). Steven has taught for over 37 years at a number of Independent Colleges in Sydney. During this period he has filled many roles, including English Coordinator, Computer Co-ordinator and Sportsmaster. For 10 years he has undertaken after-school tutorials. Steven has taught across the entire spectrum of learners, from learning support to gifted and talented.

Matthew Moussa

Mathematics Tutor

Matthew is studying a Bachelor of Science (Medical Science) at the University of Sydney. He completed my HSC in 2021, with an ATAR of 96+. Matthew achieved a Band 6 in English Advanced, Mathematics Advanced, Legal Studies and Studies of Religion I, as well as a Band E4 in English Extension I. He is keen to help students achieve their goals and maximise their performance at school by sharing his passion for the subjects he excelled in.

Linda Munns-Conry

English Tutor

As a previous Head of School, Head of Department, teacher and tutor of English and History (BA, DipEd.,MEdAdmin), the opportunity of working closely with aspiring students to design opportunities that unravel the mysteries of these subjects and personalise learning tailored to individual needs, is an exciting privilege. Linda has a thirst for knowledge and loves looking for creative angles to approach tasks. She is results oriented and passionate about critical thinking and new ideas. What drives Linda as an educator is the desire to help empower students to flourish.

Paula van Oploo

Primary Tutor

Paula is a Primary Education Teacher. She has a background in Linguistics and teaching English as a Second Language. She has been a valued and experienced tutor at The Futures Centre for the last two years.

Paula enjoys working closely with her students to foster their love for learning. She works closely with students who need a little extra assistance, supporting their learning experience and helping them realise their full potential.

Luke Philpotts

English/Business and Legal Studies and Italian Tutor

Luke Philpotts is currently in his penultimate year of Studying a Bachelor of Commerce and a Bachelor of Education (Secondary) at Macquarie University. He specialises in teaching Business Studies, Legal Studies, Commerce and Italian (Beginners, Continuers and Extension). As a High School graduate, Luke was the recipient of the Brother R.J McDonald Teacher Scholarship. Luke also works as a Gifted and Talented Teacher for the Futures Enrichment classes on a Saturday and understands that each student brings their own diverse learning needs to the classroom.

Claudia Raguz

English Tutor

Claudia Raguz is currently training as a Secondary Education Teacher at the University of Sydney, with a background of tutoring students at the PLC Sydney Futures Centre for the past four and a half years. She is studying a Bachelor of Education (Secondary: Humanities and Social Sciences) and Bachelor of Arts, in which she is on her fifth, and final year. She has tutored a range of students in both Mathematics and English from Years 6-12.

Angela Rofail

Speech, Public Speaking and Debating Tutor

Angie is an enthusiastic and adept Speech & Debating tutor, having competed at the World Individual Debating and Public Speaking Championships both in 2020 and 2021 - where she was named 6th in the world in persuasive speaking and 3rd in the world in interpretive reading.

Angie was also awarded a Diploma in Communication with a grade of 99% from the Australian Speech and Communication Association (ASCA) in 2020. Angie guides her students through thinking, writing and speaking skills via a practice-based approach.

Angie is currently studying Medicine at the University of New South Wales.

Lachlan Ryan

Primary Teaching

Lachlan is currently training as Primary Education Teacher at UTS Sydney, with a background in tutoring younger students for the past 6 years. He has been a valued and experienced tutor at The Futures Centre for the last 2 years. He has a great passion for development and is patient and diligent when focusing on the struggles of a student and highlighting their strengths. His goal when tutoring is to allow them to gain confidence from their studies and to really apply themselves when faced with challenging tasks. This self-belief that a student gains from learning is ultimately what he finds the most satisfying, as it allows pupils to really tap into their full potential and surprise even themselves in their ability across any subject.

Bethwyn Serow

Primary Tutor

Following successful careers as a television producer-director here and in the UK, and in government relations, communications and policy specialised with a focus on culture, arts, and arts education, Bethwyn returned to her first love, teaching and working with children.Awarded a Dean's Award for Academic Success last semester. she is in her final year of a Primary Teaching Degree. Bethwyn also works with PLC Sydney's Gifted and Talented Program and through the Ronald McDonald House Charity, tutor children who have had serious illness.

Deyan Stevic

Mathematics Tutor

Deyan is currently studying for a Bachelor of Science /Masters of Teaching( Secondary) at UTS. He has completed a Bachelor of Communications, majoring in Sound and Music Design at UTS.

Patricia (Trish) Stockbridge

Science Tutor

Trish has been a tutor at the PLC Sydney Futures Centre since 2004. She is currently a lecturer/tutor in Science Education K-12 at the University of Sydney and prior to that was Head of Curriculum, Head of Science and Deputy Principal across a wide variety of government and non-government schools. Trish also worked for several years with NESA as both the Senior Curriculum Officer for Science, a Senior Project Officer in assessment and IB Diploma Program Coordinator and Chemistry and Psychology teacher.

Denise Taylor

English/History and Special Education Tutor

Denise is an extremely qualified and experienced teacher possessing two Masters, including Special Education. She has taught in both Public and Private schools and held many roles of responsibility during her teaching career, which has spanned over 30 years. She is able to tutor in most subjects and has done so at the Futures Centre for the past four years.

Subjects have included: English and Maths Years 4 and 5; English 7-10; Maths 7-10; HSIE subjects 7-10; Year 11 and 12 Advanced English; Years 11 and 12 Extension English; Senior Ancient History; Senior Modern History; Senior Legal Studies. She is available to tutor online.

Belinda Tomov

English Tutor

Belinda is an English and History teacher with over a decade of tutoring experience. She is passionate about literature and is familiar with all levels of English, including Extension 2. Belinda has studied medieval history and American literature abroad alongside her degree from the University of Sydney. Her knowledge with TESOL and Drama means that Belinda is particularly interested in creative writing as well as the effective use of language for communication. Like Mathematics, English and History also expect you to show your working out and proofs - the trick is that mastery comes from knowing how to provide this evidence with clarity and depth.

Anastasia Toumasatos

English and Greek Teacher

Anastasia is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Education (Secondary) / Bachelor of Arts (Major in English and Minor in Modern History). As a Year 12 Graduate in 2019, Anastasia has received an ATAR of 96.40 - State Honour Roll Student and State Premier recognised All Rounder Distinguished Achiever. Anastasia specialises in teaching English Advanced and Extension 1 and 2. She also has experience working with diverse range of students including students with ADHD, Cognitive Learning Delays, ESL and students of Indigenous Heritage.